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Dossiers High-tech and biotech products

As new generation of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical formulations, we have focused on New Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS) and biotechnology products. Our NDDS projects contain Targeted Drug Delivery Systems (TDDS), PLGA and PLA microspheres, Liposomes, Nanoparticles and Protein bound formulations. Leuprolide PLA microspheres, Paclitaxel protein-bound nanoparticles and etc. In the Biotech category, we have recently finished compilation few biology products including cell line manufactured Biosimilar products and also some monoclonal antibodies. CTD dossier of Etanercept and all required data, SOPs and method validations for production and QC of biologic products such as Interferon alfa-2a, alfa-2b and their pegylated form. All of above dossiers and technologies will be presented if their patent expiry date has been passed. The updated list of finished dossiers of High-Tech and Biotech products will be supplied to all customers after filling out the simple and short questionnaire and email it to [email protected] . If you would like to check samples of our hot dossiers of High-Tech and Biotech dosage forms, please click here. You can also order list of the products that you looking for the respected dossiers by sending the generic name, strength and type of dosage form to [email protected] .

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